Embody Your Goddess 

The Ancient Woman has died…
Her soul has been buried by today’s civilisation.

The soul of a woman that once was, is free, flowing, gentle, soft, powerful, divinely led and mesmerising - she shines, glows, emanates strength and truth.

She stands proud and tall as she enters every room.

Her love for herself shines so bright that it raises all negative vibrations in her space.

Her love is strong, grounded and centred.

She is powerful beyond measure.

She is awakening the planet with her radiance.

If you throw her to the wolves, it won’t matter, she is the wolf.

Hungry, steady, slowly pacing, feeling the ground, hearing the sounds, seeing the truth in all avenues.

She creates her own destiny and waits for no one.

She leads and empowers all women around her to lead their own lives.

This is you.

This is us.

Step into her.

Are you ready to meet?

Embody Your Goddess Retreat Ubud Bali 11th -15th November 2020

Are You... 

The strong woman who puts on a brave face each day for her children and family?

Are you the woman feeling tired, depleted and drained of energy, disconnected from herself & her body?

Are you the woman searching for love in all the wrong places?

If you answered yes to any of the above…

Are you ready to discover and embody the Goddess that lies within you?

She is there, waiting to be discovered and for her calling to be heard.

We are calling you sister to Embody Your Goddess.
remembered for lifetimes.

Embody Your Goddess Retreat Ubud Bali 11th -15th November 2020

Over 5 Days You Will: 

  • Re-connect and discover the incredible feminine Goddess within you.
  • Heal her wounds, sorrow and pains.
  • Feel the magnetic presence of being powerful & feminine by learning how to embody a healthy masculine & feminine energy.
  • Fill up your cup so it overflows with love and gratitude through movement of your body in daily feminine movement classes
  • Participate in ancient and local traditions to purify your mind, body and spirit.
  • Celebrate the joy and freedom of being connected to a sacred sisterhood.  The connection you create when you nurture and heal together will be remembered for lifetimes.

Embody Your Goddess Retreat Ubud Bali 11th -15th November 2020

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